We are fully aware that for real estate agents, the process of helping a client buy or sell a house, is like a three ring circus.

Dealing with home inspectors, signatures, appraisers, pest control companies, more signatures, mortgage companies, insurance companies, even more signatures……..well, the list goes on for days.  Needless to say, after you have spent weeks with a client, the last thing you want is for an inspector to come in and scare your buyer out of a sale with a ridiculous inspection report.  Actually, most of the time, the report is accurate. It’s the way the inspector presents the findings of the report that often “kills the deal.”  Please be assured that Stephens Home Inspection Service takes pride in conveying the information to the client in a way that is informative, rather than bad news, bad news, bad news.  We especially take extra time to explain common issues with first time home buyers, or people new to our area. 

For example: Newcomers to north Texas think we’re nuts when we talk to them about “watering their slab”. Not only do we tell them why watering is necessary but we give them information on how to properly implement a good watering program.

HVAC system filters are also a common issue that is often met with great surprise.

People not accustomed to the vast amount of highways and construction (dust factories) here in the Metroplex do not understand the need to change their air filter on a monthly basis. We explain to them how filter maintenance is the most important component of the HVAC system when it comes to efficiency and cost effectiveness.  We also explain to them the benefits of installing or using the existing “programmable thermostat”, and the financial advantages of doing so.

What we are trying to say is, you can be confident that we go out of our way to produce a comprehensive, thorough and informative report, as well as educate people on basic home maintenance needed for homes in North Texas.

Call Stephens Home Inspection Service at 972-772-0802, and let over 20 years of experience go to work for you.                                 

Last but not least, we are aware that many times, you’re needed in two places at once.  Not possible.  For your convenience, we want you to know that we are users of SUPRA / GE Securities.  If your schedule conflicts with the time of our inspection, give us a call with the CBS code if it’s your listing, or the listing agent’s information, and we will let ourselves into the home, so that you can join us when it’s convenient, if you so choose.