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Foundation Water Maintenance Tips

Due to the high clay content of soils found in North Texas, it is very important that your foundation be consistently watered to help stabilize your foundation.  That’s right. If you live in North Texas, you have to “water your slab”.  Clay bases soils are very expansive, meaning, when they’re wet, they expand.  When they’re dry, they contract. This can be noted by the large cracks commonly seen in playgrounds, parks, pastures and even the soil directly in contact with your homes foundation.  Here are some tips on how to achieve consistent water content to the foundation of your home.  The photos at the bottom of the page are illustrations of a good way to effectively water your foundation in an affordable manner.

Section of changing A/C Filters

With the increase in energy prices, it’s important to know that there are ways to lower your energy bill, maintain the overall comfort of your home and be energy efficient. Dirt and neglect are one of the leading causes of heating and cooling systems failing, yet such failure is completely avoidable. There are some do-it-yourself jobs that are very simple. Changing your HVAC system filter is one of them. Because HVAC systems are big and expensive, many home owners, especially first-time homeowners, assume that anything to do with the HVAC should be done by a pro. For some things, that’s the right assumption. Changing the filter is simple, though and it’s one of the most important things you can do to prolong the life of your HVAC system. You should change out your HVAC filter every month. A dirty air filter can increase your energy costs and lead to equipment failure. Think about it – ALL of the air in your home passes through a filter approximately twice an hour.  Cleaner, fresher air means you and your loved ones stay healthier.  Also, a clogged air filter can cause extensive damage to your system. So, if you change out your air filter monthly, you ensure the longevity of your system and saving yourself thousands in possible repair and replacement costs and hundreds in your home energy bill.

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